CPO Approach

CPO applies advanced ML/AI techniques to analyze past behavior and predict future behavior of each VM or similar to optimally determine new sizing for all its resources -- CPU, Memory, Network, and Disks. In doing so, it automatically uses the latest cloud provider SKUs and costs that are specific to your account with the cloud provider.

CPO offers three distinct objectives for which each VM or similar can be optimized


Save Costs by Downgrading or Downsizing as Appropriate


Improves Performance by Upsizing/Upgrading Resources As Appropriate


Trade-off Cost and Performance as Appropriate

The analysis and the ensuing recommendation are driven by the objective chosen for each VM. This allows different VMs to be optimized for different objectives -- Superior for important VMs, Economical for low-priority VMs, and Balanced for other VMs.

When resizing recommendations are applied to VMs or similar, the associated benefits are accrued whether it is cost savings or performance improvement, or both.